Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Going right Mr. President?


slamabama said...

How many days till.....bang bang?

Seahugger said...

Your comment is in extremely poor taste.

jdog77 said...

I'm hoping Obama goes left more often then not. But I'm a goofyfoot and a bit liberal.

How cool is it to have a prez who actually knows how to catch and ride an ocean wave. The best W could do was cut brush.

slamabama is so weak. Delete him. Some one always has to piss on the parade.

slamabama said...

What? A person can't ask a simple question? I thought you left wing nut jobs liked freedom of speech, no?

Jdawg, I think you meant to say "I'm a goofy liberal." Who gives a fu(k if he can ride a wave? The important thing, can a run the country?

jdog77 said...

Slamabama- OK deleting you would not be cool. "Simple Question"??? Asking and implying that a person, father, husband will be shot is no simple question.

Also-throwing around worn out republican slogans isn't impressing anyone. Wing-nut? Yeah Wing-nuts a cool guy, did you see Endless Summer 2 or step into liquid. He does some good longboarding. Always seems to be pretty stoked.

Do you even surf? It seems that you do not understand the transformational power that waves can bring- be they ocean ones or social ones like we just had.

The fact that Obama can ride a wave is why he showed up on this blog in the first place! Pretty sure Dick Cheney would melt like the wicked old witch if he hit the water. And we can all see how he and his cronnies ran the country.

No bitterness Bro! Aloha and Hope. Catch some waves feel better.

Seahugger said...

I firmly believe freedom of speech which is why I did not delete your post.

Thanks for the aloha. You truly get it.

slamabama said...

It's your turn now, proof will be in the pudding. I'm ready for the new WAVE of change....I've always wanted to be a Socialist.

Thanks Chugga for not deleting my comments.

eric said...

from the white house into the green room...

or was it vice versa?