Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gray Ave Revisited

If you were to ask Marc Andreini who his shaping mentor and idol is, you will likely hear the name Reynolds Yater.
In the Mid 70's, Marc and Yater shared a shop on Gray Avenue in Santa Barbara. Of course you can't put two masters in the same building without alittle cross-pollination.

Marc Andreini and Reynolds Yater talking rocker.

Knowing this, when Marc picked up a stack of BioFoam blanks from Seahuggers HQ this past July, we asked him if he could shape a Yater Spoon inspired single fin. Marc was stoked on the idea and we are stoked on the result, check it ->

9'1" BioFoam Andreini "Vaquero Spoon", light gray opaque tint, single fin.

Give a call or come round if interested.


peaceOut said...

Is bio foam shark repellent?

Seahugger said...

EDIT: did a little photo swap to better show the board. Comments were removed due to the fact that they were no longer germane. Sorry if this ruffles your feathers.
-The Management