Friday, October 17, 2008


Ah, Friday. Stuck at work but not in the mood to work? Might I suggest heading over to Facebook films, where for the next 36 hours (or so) you can watch the latest film to come out of the Woodshed, One Track Mind, absolutely free!

For you San Luis Obispo area sliders...

...don't forget that tonight is the LH Design/Seahuggers Jewelry boutique and breast cancer fundraiser event. Be there!

Then on Saturday night head on over to Cal Poly's Chumash auditorium for the premiere of "Walking on Water". The legendary Tom Curren will be playing a live music set. Doors at 6:30, show at 7.
5$ get ya in.



Anonymous said...

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KookyTheKook said...

Who will curren have in tow? Will he talk to the audience? I wonder if he's gonna be clean shaven and stoned for the ages? Do tell, inquiring minds wanna know.

O, and no admittance if you're not wearing bio savvy gear and returning from the after life or leafy teagues cosmoski inner limits, sabe?