Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This past June when Marc Andreini passed through, we put a couple of BioFoam blanks and a 101 Fin Company bamboo fin in his hands and asked him to work his magic.
Behold ->

6'6" Coke bottle green, Vaquero de las Olas.

Sanded finish for speeeeeeeeeed!

Soy based BioFoam blank, and a glass-on 101 Fin Co. bamboo fin hand foiled by Marlin Bacon. Bamboo fins are light, extremely responsive and twangy offering heaps of projection and speed, and perhaps most importantly bamboo is a renewable resource.

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Deep Throat said...

Andreini, one of the most underated shapers EVER, finally getting his due...too fu(king bad it has to coincide with another artsy/fartsy fad in surfing....next it will be blake kook boxes....